The Classes

What Do the Classes Cover?

These unique non-credit classes are free to California residents by Santa Rosa Junior College’s Older Adults Program.

The objectives of the classes are:

To appreciate our life journeys as LGBTQ+ individuals and the unique wisdom we have each gleaned;

To discover strategies and resources that will empower us to grow older with greater confidence, comfort, dignity, purpose and joy; and

To form supportive connections with each other.

The classes achieve those objectives by providing a safe place for older LGBTQ+ adults to explore empowering aging  strategies while feeling affirmed in their identities and comfortable sharing their life stories and their aging concerns. We enrich each other with our wisdom and humor. In addition, we feel less isolated as we form supportive connections with each other.


There will be two free  “Aging Gayfully!” classes during the 2022 Summer Session.   

If you are not already registered as an Older Adult Program student with Santa Rosa Junior College, you must first complete a simple online application:

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Introductory Class


Summer Session 2022

  June 18 – August 6 / OA505 Section 8468

The 8-week Summer Session provides an opportunity for new and continuing students to share aging experiences, questions, concerns, challenges  and resources and to build skillful aging strategies.

The strategies, based on the Conscioous Aging Movement, are explored in more detail in the longer Fall and Spring semesters and include examining internalized values; reviewing life experiences; anticipating aging-related changes and supportive resources; completing end-of-life planning, and finding ways to enjoy elderhood as LGBTQ+ individuals.

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Continuation Class


Summer Session 2022

June 16 – August 4 / OA505 Section 8946

A “practicum” where participants are invited to apply skillful aging strategies by bringing personal LGBTQ+ aging challenges for class discussion or by sharing helpful resources and experiences.

Examples include adapting to a sudden physical limitation, facing a difficult decision, or discovering a new interest.  When there is no topic presented, the instructor provides one based on common LGBTQ+ aging experiences and concerns.

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What is the Format of the Classes?

All classes are currently virtual and conducted through Zoom.

The classes meet on Zoom for two hours once each week with a 10 minute break. They are offered in a “discussion group” format. Since forming supportive connections is one of the objectives, each session begins with a brief personal check-in where participants can share how they are doing and any challenges they may be facing. The instructor then provides an overview of the week’s topic and its relevance and invites reflection anddiscussion.

What If I Have Questions?

For answers to any questions or concerns you may have, please email the instructor at and he will be happy to respond to them.